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Matriarchal Design Futures: 
A Collective Work in Progress

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Reflect and help create future narratives

We wish to provide space and tools for support, dialogue, learning, unlearning, and individual and collective growth. Together we empower the co-creation of future narratives.

Some tips for using this workbook

  • We need everyone, whether one identifies as matriarchal or not, to join the co-creation of caring and restorative Matriarchal Design Futures by asking questions together.

  • We propose a collective work-in- progress to create matriarchal guiding principles which will help us lead, teach, learn, and continue examining the intersection of design education and the design industry through a matriarchal lens.

  • We began simply—with a question. If we center our values and principles as matriarchal instead of patriarchal, how does this change how we work, communicate, and think about the future?

  • Work by yourself, or work with your colleagues to co-create Matriarchal Design Futures, and preferred futures.

  • Open any page and dive in.

  • Write notes on any page.

  • Reflect situations in your own words, and imagine your Matriarchal Futures.

  • You can create a specific context i.e. classroom, workplace, or leave it wide open when answering prompts.

  • Add to the glossary of terms, define and create your own value glossary.

  • Share Matriarchal Futures frameworks and your thoughts with others.  

download the workbook


Information for how to purchase a workbook forthcoming (soon!)

If you are a publisher, distributor, or other interested in purchasing workbooks singular or in bulk please email us at hello@matriarchalfutures.design.

Feel free to share/contribute via the form, email or on tag us on Instagram.

All contributor’s names (if desired) will be credited as part of the WIP (work-in progress) collective



Matriarchal Design Futures is a work-in-progress pedagogical framework that centers caregiving and nuturing. Anyone is welcome to add to the collective, and co-create guiding priniples which will help us lead, teach, learn and contiue examining the intersection of design education, the design industry through matriarchal lens. 

Co-created from 2020-23, Ayako Takase and Heather Snyder Quinn (with community members)

About Workbook

Workbook design by Ayako Takase, Heather Snyder Quinn, Claire Rosas

Designed in Chicago, IL and Providence, RI

Printed and bound by Tycho Horan at the Binch Press / Queer.Archive.Work studio




Upcoming & Past Workshops/Publications 

9.25.23  Feminist Designer from the MIT Press

9.3.23  Attending [To] Futures from adocs

8.25.23  IDSA Academic Symposium

6.8.23  HASTAC

11.18.21  Attending [To] Futures

2.18.21  AICAD Academic Symposium  

CO-CREATED 2020-2023